Events 2017

Conferences and Symposiums 2018

SETAC Europe 28th Annual meeting 
Responsible and Innovation research for Environmental Quality
Rome, Italy13-17 May 
EPR Biodose 2018 conferenceMunich, Germany11 - 15 June
4th RICOMET conference on Social Science and Humanities in Ionising Radiation ResearchAntwerp, Belgium13 - 15 June

7th International Conference on Radioactivity in the Arctic & other Vulnerable Environments

Oslo, Norway18 - 20 June

NEA International Radiological Protection School (IRPS)

Stockholm, Sweden20 - 24 August
44th European Radiation Research Congress

Pécs, Hungary

21 - 25 August
3rd European Radiological Protection Research WeekRovinj-Rovigno, Croatia1 - 5 October
MODARIA II (Modelling and Data for Radiological Impact Assessments) - Third technical meetingVienna, Austria22 - 25 October
15th SPERA Conference (South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association)Perth, Western Australia6 - 9 November